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Closing Down: Futile Breathing

As we experience trauma in life we tense our body, restrict our breath, suppress our emotions and make limiting decisions about our self and life. We begin ‘Futile Breathing’, which is short, shallow and irregular. Futile Breathing activates the fight or flight nervous system, which gives rise to hyper-vigilance, panic, irritability, frustration, tiredness and compromised immune functioning.


“Living with Grief and Loss was all too consuming for me and my life seemed so dark and lacked happiness. After doing Susan’s Breathwork Program I am more motivated and excited about life and feel so alive and filled with joy.

Thank you Susan for your amazing guidance and your constant compassion.”

Teresa Ratcliffe


Emotional Suppression

We learn that it is weak to express our feelings so we close down, conform, fit-in and suppress our real, passionate self. Typically our sadness, anger and fear are suppressed. This leads us to feeling unworthy, lost, stuck, flat and discontented.


Suppression of emotions does not mean freedom from them. Emotions are energy. Suppressed emotions drive us, causing restlessness, excessive thinking, busyness, stress, anxiety, frustration, broken sleep, fatigue, eating disorders, relationship conflict, dis-ease, under achievement and depression.


“The space that Susan creates made me feel

completely free and honoured to be myself. Her

work has helped me overcome fears, honour

my sadness and feel comfortable in releasing my

anger.” Jean Thomas.


What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a mindfulness breath awareness practice that helps you clear your subconscious emotional blockages, open your heart, come alive, find happiness and live life to the fullest.

Our breath is a major source of energy and is responsible for releasing 70% of toxins from our body. Most of us only breathe 1 litre of our 7 litre lung capacity (about 15%).


Find Inner Peace and Freedom

In Breathwork the breath is guided back to its natural state: deep, rhythmic and flowing. In a supportive environment the unresolved emotions that drive us are released.

Breathwork gives us an opportunity to clear emotions gently and quickly. This often leads to feelings of lightness and great relief, like dropping a heavy load off our back – sometimes one we have been carrying for a long time.

People often report feeling more inner peace, harmony, love, happiness and the freedom to be who they truly are and enjoy life fully.

The THRIVE Program

The THRIVE Program is an in-depth, life transforming program offering you the opportunity to complete a full life-review: heal your major issues and turn your life around.

The THRIVE program utilises a range of transformational modalities including: Breathwork, Emotional Healing, Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Meditation, Voice and Communication Skills.

The full THRIVE Program involves a commitment to ten sessions at weekly or two weekly intervals.

Experience a Session

The only way to really understand the extraordinary power of the THRIVE Program is to experience it personally, so the best way to begin is to come along and experience one session and decide from there.

Allow 2 hours for your session.

Ask your local Thrive Coach about fees.

The THRIVE Program offers you the opportunity to:


  • Release Stress and Anxiety
    Find inner peace and harmony
  • Emotional Healing
    Release fears, anger and grief
  • Heal Self-Loathing
    Find self-love and self-worth
  • Clear Depression and Hopelessness 
    Gain enthusiasm and freedom
  • End Loneliness and Isolation
    Connect and create loving relationships
  • Raise Self-Confidence
    Be outgoing at work, home and socially
  • Clear Confusion
    Get clearer direction in your life
  • Master Addictions
    Take back control of your life
  • Improve Performance
    At work, in sport and in every day life
  • Clear Sleep Disturbances 
    Enhance well-being and vitality
  • Heal Tiredness and Fatigue
    Gain energy to live your life fully.


The THRIVE Coaching Program goes way beyond ‘positive thinking’ and talk therapy. The program offers you a way to make gentle, rapid progress in clearing blocks and moving forward in your life.


Susan de Castella

T: 03 09739 8889 W:

Susan de Castella

Thrive Breathwork Coach/Facilitator/Trainer

Associate Diploma Animal Studies (Box Hill and Footscray TAFE, WEHI and Melbourne University Dept of Zoology). Certificate of Veterinary Nursing (Box Hill TAFE Healsville Sanctuary Victoria) Certificate of Zookeeping (Healsville Sanctuary Victoria) based in Melbourne.

Susan de Castella who has 18 years experience as a Thrive Breathwork Coach. She is a member of the Australian Breathwork Association. Susan has had a passion for personal growth since learning to meditate at 19 years of age. She has had a love of animals since childhood especially her family dog ‘Princess’. This led her to a career working with animals. She worked in the animal industry for 19 years. Susan worked at Healesville Sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research and Department of Zoology Melbourne University. During her time as an animal carer, she became aware of the lack of support for grieving pet owners or those coping with feelings associated with having a sick or injured pet, and those making a decision concerning their pet’s future.