The Grief to Peace Process

The full GRIEF TO PEACE Process involves from 1 to 10 sessions at weekly or fortnightly intervals.
We use Breathwork to clear grief. Breathwork is a mindfulness breathing process to help you release emotions quickly and gently.

I invite you to come along and experience a session and then take it from there.

Sessions are 2 hours in duration.

To book a session
Phone Susan on 03 9739 8889
Or Contact Susan by clicking here

Areas of Support Offered

  • Healing grief from pet illness or death
  • Coping with feelings about sick or injured pets
  • Making decisions about your pet’s future

What people Say…

Thank you Susan for giving me a safe and supportive space with your Breathwork Program to really let go of the grief that was holding me back from living fully. I am excited by life once again.
Teresa Ratcliffe

Teresa Ratcliffe

The space that Susan creates made me feel completely free and honoured to be myself. Her work has helped me overcome fears, honour my sadness and feel comfortable in releasing my anger.

Jean Thomas