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Grieving the Loss of Your Pet
Grief to Peace Process

Grieving The Loss of Your Pet

This book can help you if you are…

Overwhelmed with sadness
Not coping with the pain
Feeling Guilty or Angry
Frightened it will never end

During her time as an animal carer, Susan becameaware of the lack of support for grieving petowners or those coping with feelings associatedwith having a sick or injured pet, and those making a decision concerning their pet’s future.

Susan helps people grieving the lost a pet to heal the feelings underlying their grief that can cause problems in their life. She utilizes ‘The Grief to Peace Process’ and breath awareness, so they come to peace and find happiness so that they can move forward in their life.


Pet Loss Mediation

In this short meditation (5 minutes) Susan guides you through your pet loss and into peace. It is a very effective way to unhook attachment to your pet in your own mind. You can repeat it as often as you like.

You may notice some fear, sadness or anger arising. You may also feel energy quivering through your body as the past is being released. Just breathe in and out slowly as these feelings are being released.

Sometimes it can be lonely going through a grieving process. You don’t need to be on your own. There can be someone there for you, you just need to reach
The Meditation is available as an instant download in MP3 format