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Lost Your Best Friend?


Are you…

Overwhelmed with sadness?

Not coping with the pain?

Feeling Guilty or Angry?

Frightened it will never end?


Losing A Pet Can Be So Hard

Your pet probably gave you some of the most unconditional loving experiences of your life. Your faithful friend was always there to greet you when you got home, always ready for a pat or to snuggle in with you.To lose such a close companion can evoke very strong and painful feelings. Normal responses to losing a pet:Feeling wrong to be so sad. People saying:

  • ‘Cheer up, you can always get another pet’
  • ‘It’s okay, they are in heaven now’

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and thinking:

  • ‘How I am going to cope with my best friend gone?’
  • ‘Is this sadness ever going to end?’
  • ‘I’ll never get over it’.
  • ‘I’ll never find as good a friend again’
  • ‘I just can’t cope’

Feeling frustrated and saying:

  • ‘Damn it! Why did my pet get sick?’
  • ‘Why did my best friend die and leave me?’
  • ‘It’s just not fair’
  • ‘I could have done more’
  • Blaming and criticising other people.

Feeling guilty about your pet getting sick or injured or about having to put them down. Having trouble concentrating: ‘I don’t even remember how I drove from the vet to home’. Seeing your self shutting down and withdrawing.