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Lost Your Best Friend?


Are you…

Overwhelmed with sadness?

Not coping with the pain?

Feeling Guilty or Angry?

Frightened it will never end?



Losing A Pet Can Be So Hard

Your pet probably gave you some of the most unconditional loving experiences of your life.
Your faithful friend was always there to greet you when you got home, always ready for a pat or to snuggle in with you.To lose such a close companion can evoke very strong and painful feelings.

Normal responses to losing a pet:Feeling wrong to be so sad. People saying:

  • ‘Cheer up, you can always get another pet’
  • ‘It’s okay, they are in heaven now’

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and thinking:

  • ‘How I am going to cope with my best friend gone?’
  • ‘Is this sadness ever going to end?’
  • ‘I’ll never get over it’.
  • ‘I’ll never find as good a friend again’
  • ‘I just can’t cope’

Feeling frustrated and saying:

  • ‘Damn it! Why did my pet get sick?’
  • ‘Why did my best friend die and leave me?’
  • ‘It’s just not fair’
  • ‘I could have done more’
  • Blaming and criticising other people.

Feeling guilty about your pet getting sick or injured or about having to put them down. Having trouble concentrating: ‘I don’t even remember how I drove from the vet to home’. Seeing your self shutting down and withdrawing.

How the Grief to Peace Process Can Help You

The grief to Peace Process provides you with a safe and supportive place for you to be heard and understood so you can get through your grief sooner and more peacefully.

The Grief to Peace Process assist you to:

  • Feel calm and in control at home, work and socially
  • Find peace of mind and harmony of feelings
  • Learn practical life skills to equip you to enjoy your life more fully
  • Gain a deeper understanding of ‘who you are’ and get a clearer direction in your life
  • Free you from addictive behaviour
  • Enhance your well-being
  • Gain relief from stress-induced illness
  • Enjoy better sleep and improved mental clarity
  • Have more energy, enthusiasm and motivation to live and enjoy your life more fully

The Grief to Peace Process goes way beyond traditional talk therapy and creates rapid shifts by helping you to release the underlying emotions.

The Grief to Peace Process


Recovering From Pet Loss

Getting over the loss of your pet takes time. You can move through this difficult time peacefully.
The five steps to healing grief are:

Step 1. Calming Your Distress And Anxiety
When you understand the grief process, it is easier to relax and be kind and gentle with yourself.

Step 2. Emotional Healing
You may feel shocked, numb, frightened, sad or angry. These are all natural responses to loss.

Step 3. Finding Acceptance
After releasing the emotional pain, the next step is to come to acceptance so you can experience more inner peace.

Step 4. Honouring Your Pet.
You can build memorials in your heart and in your home so that you can fondly remember your friend with beautiful memories.

Step 5. Move Forward With Life Again.
When you grieve the loss of your pet fully, the experience can become something that makes you more kind and compassionate and more resilient. It is time now for you to move forward in your life.


susan 2013 smallSusan de Castella

Thrive Breathwork Coach, Trainer, Institute of Heart Intelligence

Member Australian Breathwork Association

Certificate Veterinary Nursing and Zoo Keeping