How Core Clearing Process Works

5 part coaching system

To clear your blocks

And achieve your goals

  1. Gain Clarity, set crystal clear meaningful goals and action steps
  2. Clear the blockages and emotional obstacles that have been stopping you
  3. Connect to your heart for enthusiasm and guidance
  4. Live congruently with your values and goals by learning the skills & strategies to bridge the gap between your goals and where you are now.
  5. Commit to taking action to moving forward to achieve your goals and…      Gain what you were looking for


1 session or 5 session package

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Susan de Castella

T: 03 09739 8889 W:

Susan de Castella

Thrive Breathwork Coach/Facilitator/Trainer

Associate Diploma Animal Studies (Box Hill and Footscray TAFE, WEHI and Melbourne University Dept of Zoology). Certificate of Veterinary Nursing (Box Hill TAFE Healsville Sanctuary Victoria) Certificate of Zookeeping (Healsville Sanctuary Victoria) based in Melbourne.

Susan de Castella who has 18 years experience as a Thrive Breathwork Coach. She is a member of the Australian Breathwork Association. Susan has had a passion for personal growth since learning to meditate at 19 years of age. She has had a love of animals since childhood especially her family dog ‘Princess’. This led her to a career working with animals. She worked in the animal industry for 19 years. Susan worked at Healesville Sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research and Department of Zoology Melbourne University. During her time as an animal carer, she became aware of the lack of support for grieving pet owners or those coping with feelings associated with having a sick or injured pet, and those making a decision concerning their pet’s future.